Solarize Bulk Pricing

Solarize Midcoast Maine is designed to save homeowners money on their solar electric installations by offering the best bulk pricing options available.

Standard Equipment Pricing

ComponentsManufacturer and Model #WarrantyNotes
PV ModulesHanwha Q.Peak 300 watt12 year manufacturers warranty, 25 year linear production warrantyEngineered in Germany, manufactured in South Korea
InverterSolarEdge12 year manufacturer warranty extendable to 20 or 25 yearsThis system comes with online monitoring
Mounting SystemSnapNrack series 10020 year manufacturers warrantyRated to withstand high winds and snow loads

System SizePer Watt
3 - 3.9kW$2.76
4 - 4.9kW$2.63
5 - 5.9kW$2.38
6 - 6.9kW$2.36
7 - 7.9kW$2.32
8 - 8.9kW$2.25
9 - 9.9kW$2.23
10 - 10.9kW$2.22
11 - 11.9kW$2.19
12 - 12.9kW$2.15

Standard Equipment Pricing Examples

6.19kW System with (21) 300w panels and a 6kW SolarEdge Inverter

 Retail Cost
Total Cost After$10,226
System Cost$14,608
Federal Tax Credit (ITC)$4,382

8.26kW System with (28) 300w panels and a 7.6kW SolarEdge Inverter

 Retail Cost
Total Cost After$13,010
System Cost$18,585
Federal Tax Credit (ITC)$5,575

Site Specific Cost Adders:

  • Multiple roofs : $0.05/watt
  • 40 degree roof (steep roof) & over 2 stories (high roof) : (+) $0.10/watt
  • Tilt Racking $0.10/watt


  • Electrical Panel Upgrade, 100a: $1,400/job
  • Electrical Panel Upgrade, 200a: $2,200/job
  • Electrical Sub Panel: $500/job
  • Long Conduit Run, Over 50 ft. $5/ft of add’l conduit
  • Line Side Tap: $400/job

Other Adjustments

  • Alternative Panel Option: Mid Efficiency, US Made 285w panel: $+0.29/watt
  • Alternative Panel Option: High Efficiency LG315w panel: $+0.58/watt
  • Alternative Mounting Option: DPW Top of Pole Mounts  $0.95/watt>
  • Alternative Mounting Option: Ground Mounted Snapnrack with Technometal Helical Piles: $0.80
  • Alternative Inverter Option: Outback FlexPower Radian (grid-tied with battery backup): $0.88/watt (doesn’t include batteries)
  • Batteries: Rolls S-550, 6 volt, 428 ah:  $410.00 each

Sundog Solar does not provide the following: Tree Removal, Structural Reinforcement, or PE Stamps. Sundog Solar will be happy to assist you in providing these services.

Act Early, Act together and Save!

The early bird takes advantage of gaining an earlier installation, but also benefits by increased energy production in summer months. Net-metering offers a way to bank your energy for winter months. There is no tier penalty for signing up today.